"Web portal for investors with GIS"

The project of setting up a website with the city's GIS for new investors is the top-ranked project in the Novi Sad Economic Development Strategy. In cooperation with Public Company “Institute for Constructional Development of the City“, the City of Novi Sad, via the Local Economic Development Office, applied for and received the funds of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Serbia, in the framework of the Exchange 3 Program, which is implemented by the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) for the Web Portal for Investors with GIS project. The grant amount is 257,090.09 euros, in dinar equivalent, while the implementation deadline is 15 months.

The basis of the project is to develop a website providing all the information aimed at helping investors decide to invest in Novi Sad. The website will feature information about sites managed by the city that are available for sale, information necessary for construction, building permit acquisition, building legalization, business start-up and other information important for attracting investments. One part of this website will be the geographic information system (GIS). The project encompasses the improvement of the current GIS, which is administered by Public Company “Institute for Constructional Development of the City“, by adding digitized lot contours with attributes for lot cadaster numbers and numbers of cadaster units, for four cadaster units in the city, which are: cadaster units Novi Sad I, II, III, and IV.