The Local Economic Development Office was founded on December 27th, 2008, as part of the Executive Body of Novi Sad Local Government, with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Two main responsibilities of the Office are to attract national and foreign investments and provide assistance to the existing business community. The Office is striving to improve the business environment in Novi Sad and encourage the faster economic development of the city.

Principal tasks of the Local Economic Development Office:

  • Promoting the city in the country and abroad as a favorable place   for investments, business and living – internet marketing, preparation of promotional material, visits to fairs and other events from the economic sector;
  • Informing potential investors and entrepreneurs about business conditions, investment possibilities, existing support programs and incentives at local and national level;
  • Cooperating with private, public and non-governmental sectors, coordinating their activities and encouraging public-private partnerships;
  • Preparing and monitoring the implementations of projects regarding local economic development;
  • Determining the needs and providing assistance in solving the problems of the local business community, in order to improve competitiveness and foster the development of the current economy;
  • Creating and updating databases which are significant for the operations of the current economy and potential investors;
  • Giving operational, administrative and technical support to the Novi Sad Economic Council and the Coordination team for the Novi Sad Sustainable Development Strategy.

Possibilities for investing in Novi Sad - available locations, business in the Free Zone, capital projects -

Available sites
Attractive construction sites for
various purposes, owned by City of
Novi Sad, ready for sale

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Local Economic Development Office, City of Novi Sad
Trg slobode 1, 21101 Novi Sad, Serbia
Тel/fax: +381 21 480 77 10,