05.08.2022 - 13:11
On 29 July 2022, the first meeting of TRIBUTE Transnational Stakeholders Network was held in Novi Sad, parallel to the 4th
05.08.2022 - 12:55
On 28 July 2022, 4th Steering Committee Meeting of the TRIBUTE Project was held in Novi Sad. This was the first in-person meeting
11.07.2022 - 18:58
The member of the City Council for Traffic and Roads, Aleksandar Kravić, attended the presentation of the Project "
29.06.2022 - 14:15
June held many excellent things in its store for TRIBUTE project, and one of these was worth of the wait. The project was
09.06.2022 - 13:30
Within the pilot project of the City of Novi Sad, which is part of the TRIBUTE project, activities are underway to develop an
30.12.2021 - 09:48
At the end of the second project period, the TRIBUTE consortium completed several activities with the already successful adoption
25.10.2021 - 09:53
On July 22nd, the TRIBUTE project consortium met on the occasion of the Second Steering Committee meeting, which was again held
28.09.2021 - 14:14
During the European Mobility Week, a panel discussion was organized in Novi Sad on September 18th, 2021, which included
30.06.2021 - 12:18
The City of Novi Sad – City administration for traffic and roads continues to implement activities within the project
07.06.2021 - 08:30
With the aim of facing the challenges posed by the rapid diffusion of new transport technologies and the need of innovative