Mayor of Novi Sad Miloš Vučević and Manager of Local Economic Development Office Olivera Simović presented the results of applications for grants in the frameworks of the Hungary-Serbia and Croatia-Serbia IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programs, while detailed information about two projects, from the total of eight approved, were presented by managers of those projects, Mr. Djordje Pisarov and Mrs. Zorica Ninić Stupar.

It is of great importance to develop cross-border cooperation and establish partnerships with our neighbors, so that we would join forces in attracting the EU funds in order to implement important projects and prosper. It is a fact that as a local self-government we made a great result at this Call for Proposals and that we are leaders in Serbia in that regard, which is the proof of our dedicated and hard work on the preparation of projects and relevant documentation. I expect these projects to bring concrete and visible results and improve the state in their respective areas – said Mayor Miloš Vučević, praising the efforts of the current as well as the previous management of the Local Economic Development Office.

According to Olivera Simović, the value of the approved projects referring to the City and its institutions, i.e. local partners, is 1,610,976.76 EUR. The approved projects are from the areas of economic development, infrastructure, environment, heathcare and energy efficiency, and will all be implemented in line with the EU procedures. In the framework of the project “Joint Creation of Conditions for Development  of SMEs in the Cross-Border Region”, in partnership with Kistelek, Hungary, Novi Sad will develop the Main Project for the industry, craftsmanship and service sector center, in the existing Work Zone “Rimski Šančevi”, in a multifunctional hall covering 5,000 m2.

“Crosswater” is project of Public Enterprise for City Construction and Development, also with partners from Hungary. Project objective is to expand capacities of responsible bodies and cross-border communication in prevention of damage from floods, inland water and drought, i.e. efficient protection from natural disasters. “Ride across Europe”, i.e. construction of bicycle lanes to create better physical connection in the framework of the Hungary-Serbia cross-border cooperation is a project which features activities on the development of the bicycle lanes as infrastructural elements. On the territory of the City of Novi Sad, activities of Public Utility Company “City Roads” are the elaboration of the main project for the bicycle lane from Novi Sad to Begeč, elaboration of feasibility study for bicycle lane Novi Sad–Beočin and development of cadaster of bicycle lanes on the territory of the City of Novi Sad. Public Enterprise for City Construction and Development should carry out the bicycle lane construction works in the part of Temerinski put to the E-75 Highway, while the Municipality of Mórahalom is in charge of works on the construction of bicycle lanes between Mórahalom and Röszke.

Also approved are the following projects: “Renewable Energy in Cities”, “Environmental Protection and Application of Renewable Energy Sources for Green Future of the Children”, as well as project “Better Quality of Living by Improvement of the Palliative Care System”, which will be implemented by the Novi Sad Health Center as Project Partner to the Osijek Health Center, Lead Beneficiary.
Novi Sad, February 14th, 2013