The project "EKOprofit" was started jointly by the City of Novi Sad, the Austrian Development Agency and the consortium Denkstatt GmbH from Vienna. EKOprofit is a world-renowned consulting program for small, medium and large companies, behind the private and public sectors, who are interested in modifying their production and operations to be more profitable and economical. The aim of the project is to reduce the amount of waste and the emission of harmful substances as well as the application of environmental standards in their treatment. The essence of cooperation within the project is to establish the foundations for professional environmental management in 25 companies in the territory of Novi Sad and at the same time to strengthen cooperation between them and local authorities for the benefit of both the local environment and the competitiveness of enterprises.


The total value of the project is EUR 260,000. Of the total, the Austrian Development Agency and Consortium Denkstatt GmbH donated EUR 100,000 and the City of Novi Sad EUR 35,000. The remaining amount is provided by the companies participating in the project, which are in the range of EUR 400 to EUR 2,000, depending on the number of employees and the profit generated.