Testing of CLIPS pilots

During first phase of the CLIPS pilots, there were 11 cloud public services running in four European cities - Bremerhaven, Lecce, Novi Sad & Santander - with over 1500 users!

  • Novi Sad CLIPS pilot is available to the public since August 2015 on the City of Novi Sad official web site  http://www.novisad.rs/eng/be-first-test-new-e-services-provided-city-nov... and includes following services:
  • Access the record of their invoice registry kept at the PUC "Informatics";
  • Change the number of household members (for individual housing it is possible to increase or decrease the number of household members, for collective housing increasing the number is possible);
  • Review the offers by various insurance companies;
  • Companies which create their own applications and services can use open-source data provided by the city administration;
  • Moreover, citizens are invited to download the smartphone application mojNS, at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eu.smartsantander.part... through which they can report certain utility problems to competent public services;

Citizens who apply for testing these new potential services, will enable us with their comments and suggestions to verify whether the utilized technological solutions correspond to real requirements. All those interested in contributing to creation process of this modern service can register at clips.dunavnet.eu and use aforementioned services.