In the framework of Call for Proposals “Socio-economic Development of the Danube Serbia Region”, the City of Novi Sad was approved a grant for project “Lime trees & honey bees for sustainable development of the Danube micro region”. The project objective is the improvement of competitiveness of honey producers with the focus on the Fruška Gora lime honey. Besides the City of Novi Sad, a large number of partner organizations will participate in the project implementation: Beekeepers Association “Jovan Živanović“ Novi Sad; Beekeepers Association “Jovan Živanović“ Sremski Karlovci; Beekeepers Association “Lipa“ Erdevik; Beekeepers Association “Jovan Živanović“ Sremska Mitrovica; Beekeepers Association “Nikola Mileusnić“ Ruma; Beekeepers Association “Roj“ Inđija; Beekeepers Association “Pčela“ Bačka Palanka; Beekeepers Association “Stražilovo“ Sremski Karlovci; the Faculty of Agriculture, Novi Sad; the Faculty of Sciences, Novi Sad; the Agricultural School with boarding students, Futog. Project associate is AZA ltd. from Novi Sad, company purchasing and processing honey.

The entire program is jointly funded by the European Union and Austrian Development Agency, while the Implementation Unit of the Austrian Embassy in Belgrade is in charge of the project implementation. The total budget of project “Lime trees & honey bees for sustainable development of the Danube micro region” is €222,658.88, while the grant amount is €171,915.01. Planned project duration is 18 months, while the start of the project implementation is planned for September 2013.

Take a look at a three minute video about “Lime Trees & Honey Bees for Sustainable Development of Danube Microregion” project results