Greek Catholic Church

Greek Catholic or United Church in Novi Sad, whose congregation mainly consists of the city Rusyns, is located on the corner of Svetozar Miletić and Jovan Subotić St, within a tiny courtyard. It is primarily in Pseudo-Baroque style, with the Classical frontispiece. The church is consecrated to the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. It was built in 1822 on a rather narrow piece of land, hence the gate opens almost immediately to the street. The main iconostasis is most probably the work of Arsa Teodorović and Ivan Ivanić. During the 1849 Uprise bombardment, it was not destroyed due to the intervention by the fortress commander – general Pavle Kiš – who was a Greek Catholic himself. Nevertheless, during the upheaval the church was thoroughly looted by its own congregation and the parish priest was killed protecting it. The church was even visited by Emperor Franz Joseph in 1852. Just opposite to the church is the parish seat, which dates back to 1820. The seat lost much of its original appearance. One of the most prominent administers of the church was Jovan Hranilović from Žumberk.