Member of the City Council in charge for Healthcare Mr. Professof Zoltan Horvat, MD, PhD, visited today the Novi Sad County Prison, where he, on behalf of the “Prohuman” Humanitarian Organization handed to the Warden Mr. Zoran Jovanović a stabile defibrillator and medical supplies donation.

- We were very glad to hear about the initiative coming from Ms. Mirjana Andrejević Kri, MD, PhD, of the “Prohuman” Humanitarian Organization, to donate one defibrillator to Novi Sad Healthcare Organization. Since the County Prison Healthcare Service had no such appliance, nor the possibility to purchase one, we decided that this defibrillator should be given to them, which in turn should significantly improve the services provided by the employees. – stated Professor Horvat, MD, PhD, and expressed his satisfaction that good cooperation between the City of Novi Sad and the County Prison Healthcare Service, initiated last year with of donation surgical equipment, continues to improve. 

Warden of the County Prison Mr. Zoran Jovanović extended his gratitude to the City and the “Prohuman” Humanitarian Organization for their donation, emphasizing that this will significantly improve the health protection scheme and medical treatment of inmates. 

County Prison Healthcare Service offers services to inmates at the primary level and provides full-day care by general practitioners, internists and dentists. Apart from that, convicted and detained individuals also have at their disposal consultants from the Vojvodina Clinical Center and Novi Sad Healthcare Center. Head of the Healthcare Service Mr. Dragan Milkov, MD, PhD, explained that now physicians will feel much more secure, knowing they can provide first aid at any given time.

- Having one such appliance means a lot to all of our staff. In case they should treat a patient with an acute cardiac arrest, they no longer have to wait for the ambulance, but can proceed with immediate assistance and treatment on the spot. – pointed out Mr. Milkov, MD, Phd.

Donation of the humanitarian aid was also contributed by the editor of Eco-Med Plus Healthcare and Ecology Journal Ms. Božana Peregi, MD, PhD. She expressed her gratitude to the President of the Serbian Physicians’ and Dentists’ Association of Germany and of the “Prohuman” Humanitarian Organization Ms. Mirjana Andrejević Kri, MD, PhD, who has been collecting and delivering medical aid for healthcare institution and organizations in Serbia for the last ten years.

In Novi Sad, March 11th 2015